Elephants at Sunset

There is nothing quite like being in the presence of one of the world's most magnificent beasts. Especially a large herd of them. Being in Africa was everything I imagined, and so much more. This was the trip of a lifetime, as they say, but I'm not done. We've already booked a return trip for next fall 2021. It's invigorating to the soul, intoxicating to the mind, and I can hardly wait to get back. 

I captured this photograph at the end of a late afternoon safari as we watched a large herd of elephants make their way to a destination unknown. The day, like every other day on safari, was filled with big game, exotic beasts, and colorful birds. I found out how much I love riding around in an open safari vehicle with my camera gear. It's dusty, it's hot, the ride is rough, but it didn't matter. I was in Africa. And with an array of Nikon gear and lenses, I was enjoying it tremendously. It's my new passion, photographing the great African beasts. 

I knew this particular photograph would be special. I rank it up there with a handful of my more notable rock shots. It moves me. It reminds me of how awesome the animal world and this planet really are. And elephants are considered good luck. Bring some luck into your home or office with one of my elephant photographs! 

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