Drums Underwater!

We posted this shot last week on my Insta and, as always, it gets a lot of attention. I can tell you this, it felt pretty awesome throwing a perfectly good drum kit in a swimming pool! (I channeled my inner Keith Moon). I soon realized the drums would not sink to the bottom as planned, so we punctured the drum heads with a knife to get the drums to fill with water. Problem solved. This was back in the film days so I was using a Nikonos underwater 35mm camera. I shot a test roll and ran it to a local 1-Hour photo lab (remember those?) and realized it was missing something. I called a friend and asked her to grab her bikini and come on over. There she is - in the background. Shot complete!

Client: PAISTE Cymbals

A/R: Rich Mangicaro

Drummer: John Dolmayan - System of a Down

Model - Alana